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Huizhou Dananshan Mountain self-driving tour guide, bring a SMARCAMP rooftop tent for an easy-to-go trip


Huizhou Dananshan Mountain self-driving tour guide, bring a SMARCAMP rooftop tent for an easy-to-go trip

2024-04-23 16:23:22

Summary: In life, food and beautiful scenery cannot be missed. In your limited life, go more into nature, get closer to nature, appreciate the beautiful scenery, and complete a true spiritual journey.


if you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, you must have heard of Dananshan
Dananshan Mountain is located in Zengguang Town, Huidong County, Huizhou City. To the south of Nanshan Temple, the Danan River flows through it, hence its name. This is also a hiking route popular among travel enthusiasts in Shenzhen and Huizhou and even in the Pearl River Delta region. Danan Mountain is part of the Lianhua Mountains, and its main peak, Shuidi Mountain, is 1,290 meters above sea level. Around Shuidi Mountain, there are also two thousand-meter mountains, Niupizhang and Axushiding, with altitudes of 1,118 meters and 1,105 meters respectively. The straight-line distance here from the South China Sea is only twenty or thirty kilometers. The humidity is high, and the temperature of the mountain is relatively low, forming fog.
The bottom of Dananshan Mountain is also very beautiful. There are villages all around. There are flowers blooming nearby, birds singing, and villagers coming and going. When you look up, you can see the mountains surrounding it, making it seem like a real-life peach blossom garden.
Dananshan Mountain is known as one of the most beautiful outdoor scenic spots in Huizhou.


Hiking route:
Over the years, many hiking routes have been formed in Dananshan Mountain, among which there are three classic crossing routes, namely:
-Lahu Line (Lahu Village - Shuidi Mountain - Nanshan Village Longyan Temple, 15 kilometers in total, with a total climb of about 1,300 meters);
-The essence line (Dawang Palace - Ax Stone - Longyan Temple in Nanshan Village, the whole journey is 12 kilometers, with a total climb of about 1,200 meters);
-Grand Ring Line (Dawang Palace - Ax Stone - Shuidishan - Niupizhang Mashanba, the whole journey is 23 kilometers, with a total climb of about 1,800 meters).
A self-driving tour of Dananshan Mountain not only allows you to appreciate the beautiful natural scenery, but also tastes authentic food and feels the dreamy sea of clouds. Come take a self-driving trip to Dananshan Mountain with your SMARCAMP rooftop tent and explore the charm of nature!