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Latest innovation camping Car Tail Tent

Camping tent

Latest innovation camping Car Tail Tent

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Camping enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers have a new reason to rejoice with the introduction of the innovative car tail tent. This revolutionary product is designed to transform any vehicle into a comfortable and convenient camping space, allowing individuals to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

The car tail tent is a versatile and practical solution for those who love camping but prefer not to sleep on the ground or deal with the hassle of setting up traditional tents. With its easy-to-install design, the car tail tent attaches securely to the back of most vehicles, providing a spacious and weather-resistant shelter that is perfect for overnight stays or extended camping trips.


    One of the key features of the car tail tent is its ability to maximize space and provide a comfortable sleeping area. The tent is designed to extend from the back of the vehicle, creating a cozy and protected sleeping space that is elevated from the ground. This not only offers a more comfortable sleeping experience but also provides added security and protection from wildlife and the elements.

    In addition to its practical design, the car tail tent is also equipped with a range of convenient features to enhance the camping experience. These may include built-in storage pockets, windows for ventilation, and easy access to the vehicle for added convenience. Some models may even come with optional add-ons such as awnings or annexes to further expand the living space.

    Furthermore, the car tail tent is constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide reliable protection from the elements. This makes it an ideal choice for camping in various environments, from forests and mountains to beaches and deserts.

    Overall, the car tail tent represents a game-changing innovation in the world of camping, offering a practical, comfortable, and convenient solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, this innovative product is set to redefine the camping experience and provide a new level of comfort and convenience for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

    Product parameters

    Tent Style

    Camouflage/Field Game, Diagonal Bracing Type, Extended Type, Straight Bracing Type, Tube Type Tent Stake, Hexagonal/Diamond Ground Nail, Trigone/V-type Ground Nail, Snowfield Nail


    Four-season Tent


    One Bedroom & One Living Room



    Outside Tent Waterproof Index

    2000-3000 Mm, >3000 mm

    Bottom Waterproof Index

    2000-3000 Mm, >3000 mm

    Building Type

    Construction Based on Need


    150D OXFORD+B3 MESH+190T

    Bottom tent fabric

    420D OXFORD






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