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How to install a Rooftop Tent


How to install a Rooftop Tent

2024-05-22 16:23:22


There’s no doubt you would’ve come across a Smarcamp Rooftop Tent or two at just about any campsite USA. The Smarcamp Roof Top Tent suits a wide range of vehicles and roof racks, so whether you’re a full rack, crossbars or canopy rack this is the Roof Top Tent for you. Follow Lisa as she explains how you can install your very own!

Prop your rooftop tent up and slide all the mounts in for one side of the tent, then you'll need to position the bolts over your roof bars or the structural part of your roof rack. Lower your roof top tent back down once you're happy with the position of the bolts and add the steel bars and tighten them up. 



Samrcamp Roof Top Tent, Ladder, 2 Support Rails, 4 Support parts, Transit Cover, Window Rods, Guide Ropes,


Instructions, Included Spanners, Included Nuts and Bolts, Included Misc. fittings